Here is the link to watch my last short: The other penalty (2014)

3rd selection for  » The other penalty  » in Docfest of Pesaro in Italy. The festival will take place from july the 3rd to the 6th. I will be there.

2nd selection for my short documentary, Tirana International Film Festival that will take place in Tirana (Albania) from November the 3rd to the 9th, 2014.






1st selection for my short documentary, The other penalty. It was selected in an hungarian film festival.


The other penalty (2014)

My 3rd documentary is finally finished. Here is the press kit and the trailer :

l’autre peine press kit

It will be at the Short Corner of Cannes from may the 14th to the 25th, 2014.

l'autre peine affiche

ELIANE (2012)

was selected for the Pärnu Film Festival which will be held from july the 1st to the 7th, 2013 in Pärnu, Estonia. I will be there.

More information on their website :





                                                     Kassel Film Festival

 » Eliane «   was selected for the Kassel Dokfest (Documentary Film Festival) which will be held in Kassel (Germany) from november 13-18, 2012: Festival de Kassel



Soon I will be leaving for Cannes from 16 to 26 of may, 2012.

 » Eliane  » will be at the Short Corner of Cannes.


Eliane was 75 and her whole head and legs, yet she ended her life. The announcement of her death changed everything at the same time, my view on the elderly has changed.



was selected in many festivals all over France and Europe: Festival « court 18  » of Paris Festival court 18, festival « courts toujours » of Lyon, Women Film Festival of Torino (Italy), International Festival SEHSUCHTE in Potsdam (Germany), festival MAGMA in Italy Festival Magma, festival cinéma and video in Thessaloniki (Greece),  Documentary Film Festival of Beyrouth (Lebanon) and Pisek Film Festival (Czeck Republic).

We do not realize the difficulty of day to day living for those who can’t read or write. My mother has lived under such circumstances for 36 years, since her arrival to France. She comes from a remote mountain village in the Kabylie region of Algeria and for the first time, she speaks and she is sharing with us her fear of the outside world.